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Can I hire a Padel bat at Atlantic Padel?

Yes we have a wide range of Padel bats available at R50 per session. On arrival report to reception where Shepard Muhlanga +27 73 347 2075 can assist with your rental. Note bank cards only, no cash accepted.

How do I book a court?

In order to make a booking please visit this page, or alternatively visit Playtomic directly.

What happens during load shedding?

Atlantic Padel has a generator and games will continue as normal with load shedding, flood lights work.

What are the rules of Padel and how do you keep score?

Please visit this page to learn more about the rules and scoring of Padel.

Are the premises kid friendly?

Yes we encourage players to bring along the family. Jungle gym provided.

Is secure parking provided?

Yes we have ample secure parking for all players.

Do you have a coffee shop?

Yes we have a wonderful coffee shop offering pizza, coffee and many other delights.